Building a Balanced Plate

August 23, 2017

Brittney Bearden, Sports Dietician for Texas Health Sports Medicine explains why it’s important for athletes to build a balanced plate and how to make it happen! Building a balanced plate is important because as athletes we need certain nutrients and energy to make sure we are training at an elite level. A balanced plate ensures that, as an athlete, you have enough fuel and experienced proper recovery before your next training session.



The three components to building a balanced plate:


Choose proper carbohydrate sources
Pick a good lean source of protein
Select colorful fruits and vegetables


A good rule of thumb is to have each of the above elements as a third of our plate. Kick it up a notch and add some healthy fats, like heart healthy avocado. Get fueled, recover and be the best athlete you can be.


You leave it all on the field; we take it to the next step. Sports science and health are key for an athlete’s development, and our collaboration with Texas Health Sports Medicine means you have access to the best in the fields that matter most.


Nutrition consultations are available to all of our Arlington athletes. To schedule a consultation you can call or email Brittney to get started:

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Phone – 214-345-5010

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