Deadlift Technique with Dr. Trevor Cottrell

July 12, 2016


One of the most misunderstood exercises in performance training the deadlift, if performed properly, brings many attributes to athletic development.


“Its a critical movement to learn for an athlete,” says Dr. Trevor Cottrell, director of human performance for Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Institute.


“Being able to power with the legs and not the back is instrumental from the lineman in football to the sprinter coming off the blocks in track. If the athlete can keep a nice tight torso during lifting that translates over to many sports.”


Deadlifting as a training tool has come under fire in recent time due to injuries and accidents suffered by athletes in their gyms.


Improper technique and poor instruction has been indicted as the main cause.


“If you take the time as a trainer to teach the proper ‘hinge’ position with the tight back position and progress slowly you will alleviate the bad form,” says Cottrell.


The advantage of the deadlift as a training tool is the number of separate muscle groups it targets.  It is a unique exercise in that it targets both upper and lower body muscles.


“The deadlift works your legs, core, back, and even up to your neck.  It’s also a great exercise for injury prevention as it strengthens your hamstrings and quads.”


Athlete Training and Health incorporates deadlift techniques and variations in with our Advanced training sessions along with our Elite and College/Pro-Prep training groups.


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