Founding 50 for New Arlington Facility Announced

September 14, 2017

We offered up a great deal to our first 50 clients in our new Arlington training center. An offer these 50 could not refuse! Thank you to our Founding 50 team for helping us establish a great foundation of dedicated athletes.


Kristian Levy
Jelane Honeysuckle
Evan Hughel
Chris Omigie
Robert Hulme
Sara Giles
Matthew Burke
Ernie Phillips
Kyle Smith
Lizzie Marsic
Jurica Honeysuckle
Chad Geer
Kristi Willingham
Dylan Goss
Georgia Roberts
Cristal Sherrill
Michelle Reese
Ronda Lane
Madeline Douglas
Aubrey “Wells” Peterson
Jack Gariota
James Delap
Fernando Pineda
Matthew Marsic
Mania Behrang
Christian Fisher
Preston Knott
Camry Tardy
Adam Zduniewicz
Marty Sedtal
Julia Boyd-Rogers
Dana Carte
Ashley Johnston
Veronica Chavez
Jayden Robison
Chris Williams
Matthew Carte
Gary Reese
Virginia De Jesus
Luis Rodriquez
Clifton Miller
Denise Chandler
Stephen Winchester
Zeina Adi
Enya Ratkic
Patrick Osborne
Cheryl Johnson
Jennifer Kreuz
Mark Johnson
Mat Durbin
Ernie Phillips Family
Kristi Willingham Family
Robert Hulme Family
Veronica Chavez Family

We have Forever Athletes, amateur athletes from a variety of sports, families and emergency responders. Thank you to our growing family of athletes in Arlington. We look forward to helping you reach your performance goals.


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