How To Make The Most Out Of Training Out Of Your Element

November 20, 2017

Elite athletes know what it takes to compete at the highest levels. One reason is the consistency of the training – repetition, routine, habits. So what happens when you’re forced to train out of your element?


There are several reasons for this. For collegiate athletes, it could be due to Thanksgiving or holiday break, or over the summer. For high school athletes, it could be an offseason versus midseason training regimen. For pro athletes, it could mean being away from a typical practice facility.


Out of your element and need to be around expert coaches who understand your unique needs? Don't sweat it - we have you covered.


For all athletes when they are out of their element, finding a system to replicate their routine is key. “Stay consistent with your habits,” says Chris Holt, trainer at Athlete Training and Health in Arlington. “If you’re working out at 6 am, stay with those time habits so you don’t get offbeat after break.”


Great athlete habits extend beyond training as well – it goes to eating and sleeping right too. For college athletes, “break” means different things. Vacation can be a time where athletes let their good nutrition habits slip – Holt stresses the key is to “simplify” your goals so you can better maintain them when away from your routine. Keep it simple – weight gain, weight loss, weight management.


On the other hand, college athletes home for “break” have a lot more time and freedom than in their college routine, and can end up “overtraining,” which should be avoided as well.


Training out of your element requires you to identify and seek out “common themes,” says Holt: “Look for a facility with resources and science-based evidence behind the training.”


Our pro-style weight rooms are equipped with top of the line Keiser equipment.


At Athlete Training and Health, many of the common themes of the training you need in your element can be found here, out of your element. There’s privacy, training amongst your peers, expert coaches and a facility full of state-of-the-art equipment tailored to elite athletes. Learn more about the ATH approach here.


For Holt, it’s about coaches with a range of experience – from middle school through the pro level – and the ability to match the sport and time of year for that sport. “We have the expertise and overview to help the athlete whenever they’re out of the element, and the facility resources to maximize whatever they need,” says Holt. “Each athlete is different, and we have resources to tailor to individual athletes.”


At Athlete Training and Health, we combine expert training and a comprehensive approach that incorporates sports science and health, using a unique system tailored to you. You ready? Let’s go. Contact us to learn more here.

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