Kevin Ozee Joins Our Team

September 11, 2017

We are excited to announce that Kevin Ozee has joined our team of advisors as a Senior Consultant at Athlete Training and Health.  Having an extensive background in athletics and a love for Arlington, this was a perfect fit. Even while holding a full-time role at a private oil business, Kevin still makes time to work directly with our ATH team to ensure that we benefit and support the Arlington community.

We took a moment to learn more about Kevin and why he chose to align with Athlete Training and Health in our new Arlington training center. 





ATH: Tell us about your background?

KO: My background is that I grew up in Arlington, Texas. I spent 22 years in public education as a coach and then as an Athletic Director. The last 15 years as an Athletic Director, most recently in Arlington ISD. Part of that as the Athletic Director at Southlake Carroll ISD and then part of that the Athletic Director in Duncanville ISD.


ATH: What is your connection to Arlington?

KO: My connection to Arlington is that I grew up here. I was born in Arlington, moved away and then came back when I was in 5th grade and graduated from Arlington High School. I had the honor and privilege to come back to Arlington to serve as the Athletic Director in 2014. I love Arlington, it’s my hometown. I love the people and it is a great place for athletes.


ATH: What do you like about the concept of Athlete Training and Health and our involvement with youth sports?

KO: ATH provides phenomenal coaches, all certified and they know what they are doing even for children who participate in multi-sports at the same time. They are able to model and give workout plans and instruction for that type of athlete. I think that’s important because the easy thing in youth sports today is to go out and play 100 games a year in whatever sport, but that is not what is best for that child. The strength and conditioning component has to be a part of it. It has to be instructed and taught by a certified coach who knows what they are doing.


Why did you decide to be a Senior Consultant with Athlete Training and Health?

KO: I was drawn to ATH because of the concept of everybody working together on the same page, within ATH, to complement what the school coaches and school athletic trainers are doing for student athletes.


Arlington native, Kevin Ozee, spent 22 years in public education. Seven years as a coach and then fifteen years as an Athletic Director.


Our new Arlington training center is located at the corner of Park Springs Blvd and I20 (4401 Park Springs Boulevard).The new 25,000 square foot human performance center in Arlington combines performance training for athletes of all levels and ages – from youth to pro as well as active adults – with advanced wellness and sports medicine.


We work in collaboration with Texas Health Sports Medicine and Sideline Orthopedics and Sport to bring together experienced sports performance and sports medicine professionals to help achieve athletes’ goals using data and science in a fun, athletic environment.


If you have more questions, please contact us or give us a call at 817.522.1876.

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