Make Your Fitness Resolutions Matter in 2018

December 26, 2017

We’ve all been there – made a list of New Year’s Resolutions as December inched to a close, kicked off January by checking items off our list, only to hit a snag sometime mid-month and by February we’re already thinking about how we can do better next year.


The bottom line about New Year’s Resolutions: if your resolution is too easy, you’d have done it already. And if you want to actually accomplish your resolution for the new year, it’s going to take real commitment. “Focus on an inspiration that is bigger than the number on the scale or the distance you’ve run, walked, or biked,” suggests Self.


At Athlete Training and Health, we call the adults who train with us our Forever Athletes. It’s because our comprehensive performance training program is tailored to you – and provides a workout that lasts, far beyond the time you spend in the facility. And a Forever Athlete knows a New Year’s Resolution means a lot more than a couple trips to gym on the treadmill.


One of our Forever Athletes isn’t a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. “They can die out over a short amount of time. My thing is just find out what your long-term goals are,” said Clifton Miller.



Forever Athlete, Clifton Miller, at our new Arlington, Texas training center.

Miller is a 49-year-old Fort Worth police officer, who serves in the Navy reserves. He’s always been active, and continues playing basketball today. Miller is truly a Forever Athlete, but as he’s gotten older, his goals couldn’t be met with his traditional gym membership. He wanted to increase his vertical jump (“so I can be a dominate force on the basketball court”) and lose body fat in the training process.


Miller needed a training facility that focused on fundamentals. “I’m a big fan of proper form,” he said. “I was not as flexible as I should be, and realized certain muscles were not as strong as they should have been.”


Miller was attracted to Athlete Training and Health because of the “knowledge” the trainers have, and the “motivation and results” he has seen. “Some people just want a gym membership for a social life,” he said, which may accomplish a surface goal of going to a gym, but won’t really make a dent into a substantial goal.



Forever Athlete, Clifton Miller, at our new Arlington, Texas training center.

The bottom line is, if you want to accomplish a fitness resolution, you need to think long-term. Nothing substantial comes easy when it comes to your physical fitness, and nothing easy has much value showing up on your New Year’s Resolutions list.


Speaking of value, the new year often brings a lot of deals. But short-term value means short-term gain. Think long-term. At Athlete Training and Health, we provide you the value through our programs, through our personalization – the value that Clifton Miller and so many of our Forever Athletes have when they step foot in the door.


Don’t let your New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside, but don’t take the easy way out either – if you want to get serious, we’re here for you. Because every day we make every body better.

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