Mason Helps Houston Citizens

September 27, 2017

This week at Athlete Training and Health is our salute of appreciation to our Emergency Responders. We are lucky to train some of Houston’s finest and want to spotlight their work for our community and for the work they put into the gym! Today, we want to spotlight Patrick Mason, Deputy Sheriff and Bomb Technician.

Between coffee breaks, we chatted with Patrick Mason and asked him what drives him to be better, to strive and succeed each day.


ATH: Where are you from?
PM: Born in Arizona, lived in Colorado and Montana.


What do you love most about your job?
Helping the citizens of Harris County, and blowing things up.


What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
Defeating an unknown explosive device, when you don’t know how it works.


What is your go to workout/ exercise?
Core day and HIIT


Patrick Mason, Deputy Sheriff, Bomb Technician and ATH athlete.


What is your go to Post workout snack/ meal?


What stands out when you think of Texans dealing with a crisis?
With me being involved directly, I was amazed at the amount of citizens helping the neighbors


What drives you to be better, to strive and succeed each day?
To prepare my fellow peers to be better First responders, and to show the next generation of kids what they can do.


Patrick, thank you for your fearless dedication to our community.


Interested in attending a training program similar to Patrick? Contact us and get involved in our Forever Athlete program. We are committed to boldly motivating athletes to be the best version of themselves possible – and this includes our Emergency Response or First Responder teams. We bring an integrated team of expert coaches and physical therapists together to help achieve athletes’ goals using data and science in a motivating, athletic environment.


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