Meet ATH-North Houston Forever ATHlete Manager Caitlyn Stoner

October 29, 2020

"You are not defined by one thing, but in all things you choose to do for yourself!"


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Caitlyn, you have a great relationship with all the Forever ATHletes at North Houston. However, is there one particular time you recall when you made an impact on an athlete? How did it make you feel?
I feel like I make an impact every day with my athletes, at least that's the goal. They make me feel special and accomplished even though I wasn't the one that worked out, there have been plenty of times that athletes have gone out of their way to text me or call me and say "thank you, I needed that today", or "thank you for being you, you helped me get through that when I didn't think I could." There's something every day that these amazing people do and go out of their way to make me feel good about why I am here.



Caitlyn, you are very active on social media with the topic of motivation and encouraging others. What motivated you to become an ATH coach? 

I know I was always meant to be a coach, but like all coaches, I struggle with where I can fit in and make an impact. ATH was easy because everything we do is innovating and why wouldn't someone want to be a part of that? We're making a difference in someone's life in a rehabilitation aspect whether that's mentally or physically, and we get to work with professional and collegiate athletes across the room! Not many coaches can say that. Of course, all of the ATH coaches are from amazing backgrounds with outstanding experience and just being in the same room as them is an honor and privilege.


Where did you go to school or get your training? 

I went to Urbana University Division II school in Ohio and then I went on to The Ohio State University to continue my education in strength and conditioning.


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You played college softball at Urbana University. What is one piece of advice you would give female athletes trying to excel to the next level? 

Experience all the world has to offer and take it all in the best you can because we were given one life and it's now! It's hard work and a lot of perseverance but, your sport will always be there. Stay connected if it's something that you want to continue but still live your life, you have so much to give to this world than just your talents in a sport.


What is a quote or phrase you live by? 

You are not defined by one thing, but in all things you choose to do for yourself!


How do you spend your time outside of ATH? 

I spend my time with my amazing husband, Seth and my Mini Australian Shepard, Hudson. I also play professional slowpitch softball with a team and the girls are from all over the country!


Who has impacted your coaching career? 

One of my old softball coaches, Brent Staley (left this world 5 years ago) was basically a second dad to me. He brought me to the game of softball and he encouraged me every step of the way with my career path. He showed me that I had a gift to teach and make people feel better in whatever area they needed. Even though he isn't here, I know exactly what he'd tell me when I have a bad day, or if there's something on my mind.

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What was the biggest game-changer in your career? 

My biggest changer was when I came to ATH. We are not your typical strength and conditioning coaches that give you workouts that make you sweat and you go on about your day. We have the science and research behind why we do what we do for all ages. I thought being a strength and conditioning coach in college was the place to be, but this job, ATH is the game-changer.


Is there anything else you want us to know about you?

I have been in Texas with my husband for three years but I'm a born and bred Buckeye! My husband and I have been married for six years and we met on a blind date. I love adventure! I love being outdoors and spending time with my family in Ohio. Growing up I played a lot of sports and I truly believe that playing different sports throughout the year made me the athlete I am today.

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