Meet Athlete Training + Health Performance Coach Sean Miller

December 17, 2019

Sean Miller Performance CoachWhere did you go to school or get your training? 

I got my BA in Sports Management and Coaching at the Technological University of Dublin and got my MSc in Sports Performance from the University of Limerick. 


What is a highlight in your coaching career when coaching young athletes? 

My favorite thing about coaching young athletes is getting to know them, seeing them develop and become more confident in themselves and their abilities. 


Why did you decide to coach at ATH? 

I decided to coach at ATH because it was an opportunity to do something I loved that I wouldn’t be able to do back in Ireland. After completing the ATH internship I was offered the opportunity to come back and become a performance coach. I love the ethos, culture, coaching and making an impact on young athletes.


Who has impacted your coaching career? 

A few lecturers, work colleagues and mentors come to mind. However, the athletes I have coached are the ones who impacted my coaching career the most. Their progress is rewarding and I grow and learn something new as a coach in every session. 



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