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April 6, 2018

The 2018 PGA Masters Tournament teed off yesterday in Augusta, Georgia but these athletes have been working hard in the gym and on the links to get prepared for their national debut. If you’re trying to be the next Phil Mickelson or Jordan Spieth you have to make sure you’re upping your golf game on the course and in the gym. Here are some workouts our expert team of coaches recommend to help improve your golf game and enhance performance.


1. Kneeling Landmine Press

Strengthens the core by resisting rotation in the upper body while dynamically training the scapulae to stabilize.  Want to make it harder? Try standing up and pressing with your feet shoulder width apart!


Here is an example of the Kneeling Landmine Press:





Here is an example of the Standing Landmine Press:





2. Romanian Deadlifts

Being able to hinge correctly allows golfers to set up in their stance properly before swinging.  Having to hunch over to reach the club head to the ball will lead to poor thoracic rotation in the backswing, which can reduce swing speed and distance.  Having a strong, efficient hip hinge also allows golfers to maintain posture throughout the entire swing which allows for consistent ball striking. Want to make it harder? Try the Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift with a Dumbbell or Kettlebell!



Here is and example of the Romanian Deadlift:



Here is an example of the Single Leg Romanian Deadlift:





3. Overhead Squat

This exercise gives us great feedback on thoracic, hip, and ankle mobility.  Thoracic and hip mobility are crucial for initiating and executing a fast, efficient swing that can be easily replicated.  Ankle mobility is extremely important for golfer’s swing because it allows us to transfer high ground reaction forces from our feet up through the rest of the kinetic chain.  Limited ankle mobility will lead to a limited swing and drives. Want to make it harder? Gradually add weight, start with a training bar or light barbell and gradually increase weight as long as your form holds.


Here is an example of the Overhead Squat:





4. Lunges

Single leg strength is very important for golfers as it improves balance and increases special awareness.  During the golf swing the back leg is dominant during the backswing and force is transferred into the front leg during the downswing. So training each leg individually will help the body to become more efficient in generating force and staying balanced during the swing.  Want to make it harder? Train the lunge in a variety of planes using lateral and rotational lunges to spice up your training. The golf swing occurs in the sagittal, frontal, and transverse plane, so training for golfers should also be challenging in these planes.


Here is an example of a Lateral Lunge:





Here is an example of a Forward Lunge:





5.  Plank Position Mini Band Steps

This exercise can be done in plank position with a light mini band around the wrists. Hold a tall plank, or push up position, and move one hand at a time up, out, and down.  This will challenge your core to resist rotation in your body while strengthening your upper back scapular stability. This is all very important for being able to repeatedly execute a powerful, efficient swing.  Want to make it harder? Trade in your mini bands for a light pair of dumbbells. Get in plank position while gripping the DB’s and perform a DB Row while resisting rotation in the rest of your body.


Here is an example of Plank Position Mini Band Steps:




Here is an example of Plank Position with Dumbbell Rows:




Also, remember while mobility and flexibility are extremely important for golfers, they must also work to become stronger.  Building a good base level of strength will lead to increased power in the long run.


At Athlete Training and Health, both Forever Athletes and Amateur Athletes who play golf receive these specific exercises – and more – in their daily training.

Our performance coaches at Athlete Training and Health have the knowledge and experience to help you reach your potential and improve your overall performance. Stop by and tour any of our world-class training centers and talk to one of our performance consultants about a free evaluation, so you can start improving your golf game!


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