Periodization Training for Athletic Performance

March 25, 2016

Periodization is an organized approach to training that involves various aspects over a specific period of time.  The time varies from sport to sport.  An example would be a sprinter could take up to 4 years to prepare for the Olympics while an NFL athlete requires a much shorter time.  Regardless of the timeframe, a coach needs to appreciate that at different times of the season there are different demands on a coach and the player with their general focus of training.


Training through a periodized plan involves breaking the season into 3 separate segments.  Macrocycles (long duration), mesocycles (medium duration) and microcycles (short duration0.  Within each mesocycle there will are 4 microcycles which are each two-week training blocks.  The focus of these two week cycles are to focus on changes to meet the demands of the athlete’s season. A coach can ensure that each individual session has purpose and plays a role in the bigger picture to achieve a successful performance.  It important that the coach identifies goals before the season starts.  A periodized plan can allow for improvement in athletic performance and putting a plan in place can ensure that you can get your team or athlete to peak when you need them to do so the most.  For athletic performance training visit athletetrainingandhealth.local and register for our FLEX training programs. Athlete Training and Health trains high school athletes 6 days a week and offers free athletic performance evaluations Monday through Thursday evenings


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