Power Clean with Dr. Trevor Cottrell

July 26, 2016


One of the most popular and effective olympic lifts in performance training the power clean also brings risks and misinformation.


If performed properly the power clean can be safe and powerful.


“The power clean brings with it a forceful motion under load that brings to the body power,” says Dr. Trevor Cottrell, director to human performance for Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute.


“This benefits the sprinter in track, the vertical jump in basketball, and the ability of a running back in football to run over an opponent.”


Although a very effective lift most coaches and athletes are misguided when is come to proper form and technique.


“Many coaches teach the power clean from the mid-thigh position,” says Cottrell.


“This only provides the lift to explode into the hips.  It does not use the quad muscles appropriately which contributes to the vertical jump.”


Keeping your center of gravity neutral during the full lift is one of the rules typically broken during the power clean lift.


“When you have to jump forward to clean the lift your center of gravity is to far forward and this takes away from the lift,” says Cottrell.


Athlete Training and Health incorporates the power clean in with our Advanced and Intermediate training programs along with our Elite and College/Pro-Prep training groups.


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