Understanding Training Periodization

December 12, 2017

As the end of 2017 comes to a close, so does the high school football season. With most athletes beginning offseason football training, the focus now turns to preparing for the spring. After all, it’s during the offseason when an athlete builds a strong foundation for the following season. And in order to see the biggest improvements, you need a properly designed periodization program.


Periodization is the concept of programming one’s training so that speed, strength and power are developed gradually and optimized at just the right time. Intensity, volume, frequency of training and rest time are just a few of the variables that coaches manipulate and control over the course of a training period to create the perfect storm for optimal athletic performance. This means that on a weekly basis, intensity level and amount of work done (based on total repetitions completed) in a single session or throughout the week will vary according to where you are in your offseason training.





Following a periodized program that includes high intensity days alternating with medium and low intensity days allows the athlete to continue to see gains while reducing the risk of injury, excessive fatigue or overtraining.


Being at your best means making sure your body is primed to peak just before competition season begins. Improvements don’t happen overnight or even in a week. It’s a long-term process that requires a vision of the bigger picture of the athlete’s goals. That’s why the coaching staff at Athlete Training and Health design organized periodization plans so that athletes can reap the benefits of their training.


So don’t fumble away the opportunity for offseason gains. If your goals are to get stronger, faster and fitter for next football season, the time to make improvements begins now. And with the right program, we can help you reach those goals.

Let Athlete Training and Health be part of your path to excellence. We have world-class training centers equipped with pro-style equipment and lead by a team of expert performance coaches. Put yourself in the best position to succeed. We offer free performance evaluations for all of our new athletes. Or you can always swing by for a tour of our training centers.



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