Why Core Strength is Key to Athletic Performance

February 13, 2018

If there is one thing you should never skip in a workout, it’s core work. Everything we do on a daily basis, at work, school, the gym or on the playing field, all involves activation of your core, even when you don’t realize it. And when you do realize it, it’s often too late because you’re already feeling minor pains creeping up on you.

Functionally speaking, your core is designed to brace your spine for stability and prevent any unwanted motion, such as rotating, extending and twisting. Sure, we all want to do endless amounts of sit-ups to develop that coveted beach season six-pack, but real core strength lies even deeper, in the muscles that aren’t necessarily seen but help to improve our posture and movement, thus reducing the chance of pain or injury.





With a stable core, you are able to be more efficient in your everyday movements, whether you’re running, playing sports or even doing your daily chores around the house. And more importantly, stabilizing core muscles helps reduce the risk of injuring your lower back. That’s why at Athlete Training and Health, we devote an entire day of our Forever Athlete program to solely strengthening the core, and our Amateur Athletes get a daily dose of core work both on the field and in the weight room.


As an athlete in our Amateur Athlete program, developing core strength and stability is key to your athletic performance. The better you are able to transmit forces from your core to your arms and legs, the more efficient and powerful you will be in your movement. For example, a sprinter who runs with rotation in the hips and torso might get tired faster than a sprinter who is more stabilized in the run because too much energy is being expended by the unnecessary rotation, which also slows you down. In addition, a strong core is essential to everything we do in the weight room, so developing core strength means you can lift heavier in the long run with less risk of injury.


Adults in our Forever Athlete program benefit from core work as well due to its role in functional fitness.


Adults in our Forever Athlete program benefit from core work as well due to its role in functional fitness. Maybe you have a toddler at home who insists on being carried everywhere you go; maybe you’re training for a 5K race; or maybe you have a desk job that leaves you with some minor back pain at the end of the day due to faulty posture. Having a stronger core can make a world of a difference in each of these activities, making them easier and pain-free.


So don’t skip the core work, and come to Athlete Training and Health and see for yourself how much stronger you’ll feel after you’ve developed a strong and stable core through our exercise programs.  Our performance coaches at Athlete Training and Health have the knowledge and experience to help you reach your potential. Stop by and tour any of our world-class training centers and talk to one of our performance consultants about a free evaluation, so you can start improving your core strength!

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