Coach Smith of Westside High School

September 21, 2017

Coach Lawrence Smith of Westside High School talks about the dedication and reliability of ATH athlete and Westside Volleyball setter, Mallori Sims.





We had Coach Lawrence sit down and talk to us about what he sees in Mallori Sims and how she is a asset to the Westside Volleyball team. Mallori has been training with ATH throughout the year to help develop her skills as a threat on the volleyball court. Through hard work and determination, Mallori has set out to break her personal bests.


What sort of improvements have you seen in Mallori?
I have seen vast improvements in Mallori’s game over the last two years that I’ve have the pleasure to coach her. Not only has she grown off the court as a vocal leader for the team. Also, being our setter, but her hand skills have improved, her agility has improved, her vertical has also improved as well.


What sort of athlete is Mallori?
I really see Mallori as a very focused and goal oriented player and I know that she sees Division 1 athletics in her future and we see it for her. She has done everything we have asked her to do in-season and off-season and I really believe she has a chance to be a great D1 scholarship athlete.


How has Athlete Training and Health helped Mallori on the court? 
ATH has been great for Mallori’s development. She has come in, she has posted photos on Facebook of her coming in and getting all kinds of agility work in and really pushing herself in the weight room. She’s not only developing her arm strength and leg strength but really her core as well just so she can be a more dynamic and versatile player.


How has Mallori’s time with ATH helped you and your coaching staff?
The training that she receives here at ATH really helps us as a coaching program and staff because we know we can ask her to do things and push herself to certain limits that other players may not know they have access to. She’s tapped into those requirements and those skills here at ATH. And so, whether we are in a 5 set match or any sort of tournament we are doing, we know we can depend on her from start to finish.


Congratulations to Mallori Sims on being named our Athlete of the Month. Will you or your athlete be next? Get into the nearest training center and focus on your athletic development. Contact us today to get started.

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