Fraiser's Passion for Helping Others

September 25, 2017

This week at Athlete Training and Health is our salute of appreciation to our Emergency Responders. We are lucky to train some of Houston and DFW’s finest and want to spotlight their work for our community and for the work they put into the gym! Today, we want to spotlight Meredith Fraiser.


Somehow during her busy schedule as a Cy-Fair Volunteer Firefighter and Houston Athletic Rugby Clubathlete, we sat down with Meredith and asked her what drives her to be better, to strive and succeed each day.


During this week of appreciation we are extending free training programs to all Emergency and First Responders. Sign up no longer available.

ATH: Where are you from:
MF: Houston, Texas


What do love most about your job?
Helping people of course. There’s also a lot of on the ground problem solving, which keeps me sharp, and there is always a new challenges for us everyday.


What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
While it can be physically exhausting, witnessing the destruction of a fire, or in Harvey’s case “water”, so close is emotionally tiring. Working Hurricane Harvey was extremely humbling, and you want to do everything in your power to help. Sometimes certain situations are out of your control and that’s probably the hardest to stomach.


What is your go to workout/ exercise?
Deadlifts, Single Leg RDL’s. My soft spot are Box Jumps, they make me happy!


Meredith Fraiser, Cy-Fair Volunteer Firefighter and ATH athlete.


What is your go to Post workout snack/ meal?
2 Rice cakes with peanut butter and a protein shake.


What stands out when you think of Texans dealing with a crisis?
Generosity that goes beyond the imagination. The amount of love and care shown not only for first responders but neighbors and those unknown. It’s what I like to call, “The Texan Go Get It, Make a Difference Attitude.


What drives you to be better, to strive and succeed each day?
Knowing your life may very well depend on your training & fitness is a pretty good motivator. Also, knowing that my team and community count on me to bring my A-game every time. Complacency is a dangerous thing, always keep learning and striving to be better than yesterday. A quote I value “Let no man’s ghost return to say his training let him down” -Unknown.

Meredith, thank you for your fearless dedication to our community.


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