Evening Protein Before Bedtime

May 10, 2016

A new trend developing in the sports science community is the affects of consuming protein at bedtime.  With athletes continuing interest of building muscle through diet the process of increasing strength has evolved into a 24 hour process.


“Some athletes think eating later in the evening, even before bedtime is a bad idea,” says Brett Singer, sports dietitian for Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Institute.


“We are  starting to see there are benefits to eating protein before bedtime and letting the body process during sleep.”


With a recommended sleep cycle of six to eight hours sleep can provide another way to process the proteins that create muscle mass.


“Constantly throughout the day proteins in our body are being built up and broken down at the same time.  When you do a workout you are building muscle mass.  Protein before sleep gives you the opportunity for a 24 hour process of building muscle.”


Casein proteins from dairy is recommended for eating before bedtime as they digest slower than the more common whey protein.


“An option might be to take in yogurt, cottage cheese, or even milk before bedtime,” says Singer.


Bedtime protein products are beginning to be developed for mainstream use as the trend of the 24 hour training cycle is upon us.


For more information on Sport Nutrition and Diets contact Brett Singer MS, RD, CSCS, LD of the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute of Houston.


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