Velocity Based Training for Speed/Strength

September 27, 2016


Velocity Based Training is making its way back into weight rooms as research is showing the relevance that moving load quickly has benefits for both strength and speed development.


“The concept of velocity based training has become popular in recent years as we are finding out that this type of training can be very effective in obtaining higher outputs,” says Dr. Trevor Cottrell, director of human performance for Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Institute.


The significance of Velocity Based Training (VBT) verses the older form of Percent Based Training (PBT), and its acclaim to the one repetition max (1RM) formula, is VBT has been proven to be more effective with overall speed development for athletes without losing little ground to PBT on strength gains.

“A group that trains lighter and faster will get just as strong as the group training heavy but they also get faster at the same time,” says Cottrell.


“The key is for the athlete to show intensity and purpose during their VBT to maximize power output.”


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Dr. Trevor Cottrell is an educational advisor to Athlete Training + Health.


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