ATH Member Shares Her Heart Health Journey

July 6, 2022

We spoke with ATH member, Beth Naif, about her health journey and how the Forever ATHlete program at Athlete Training and Health served as a tool alongside her care from her doctors.



"Hi, my name is Beth Naif and I've been working out and athlete training in health about three months before COVID started. I used to play tennis. That was my passion. And so I would train five days a week with the tennis pro and then I would train two days a week with a personal trainer. And then about four years ago I had a stroke while I was playing tennis. They found out that I had congestive heart failure while I was in the hospital. After they decided to give me a pacemaker defibrillator, they said to start working out slowly. And I found ATH. I was still pretty sick so the trainers were really helping me, then personalize what I could and couldn't do, and then COVID hit. So then I had to quit ATH for while and I just would walk. So that year of COVID I would just walk seven miles a day. And so once they put in my pacemaker defibrillator, they figured out that I was really sick. They found out that my heart was healthy at 20%. I shouldn't even have been able to walk, let alone work out. So once they gave me the pacemaker defibrillator they decided, you know, I probably only have four or five years left to live. Which was pretty scary. And so I started working here and I started getting better. I'm 100% better now. They said my heart is as healthy as anyone else's, and they're really happily surprised. I credited it to my doctors, to God, and to working out here."


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