Develop Good Habits with Hydration

August 1, 2021

Sports Dietitian, Brett Singer of the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute talks about some quick tips for staying hydrated.





There are many resources available to you by our friends at the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute. While sports performance training is important, we need our athletes to perform at their best during training sessions and during game situations. To be your best, you must focus on your sports nutrition.


Brett Singer and the other skilled sports dietitians at the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute have a comprehensive suite of nutrition-based testing and counseling services to provide our athletes. Experts at The Institute will help you better fuel your overall performance.


You leave it on the field; we take it to the next level. Sports science and health are key for an athlete’s development and our collaboration with Memorial Hermann® Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation means you have access to the best in the fields that matter most.


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