Setting SMART Goals

November 1, 2017

No matter what your motivation, we all train for a reason. Whether it’s weight loss, maintaining your current fitness level, or improving at your sport, workouts are always goal-oriented. But in order to get results, you need an effective exercise program that is centered around SMART goals.


Get started with Athlete Training and Health and let's set SMART goals because personal bests are meant to be broken.


At Athlete Training and Health, we can help you assess where you are with your fitness level and guide you through the process of goal-setting using the SMART acronym:


Rather than a vague goal such as “I want to lose weight,” be as specific as possible and establish numbers you would like to reach such as, “I want to lose 20 pounds.” By putting a specific number on your goal, you now have a motivating tool that helps you stay focused on results and also allows you to see the progress you make along the way.


When thinking of specifics, you want the goal to be something that can be physically tracked and measured, such as time to complete a triathlon, amount of weight lifted, waist circumference or body composition.


Choose an appropriate goal that is achievable and can challenge you without leaving you feel defeated. You’re not going to lift 500 pounds in one week on your deadlift. Sometimes, breaking up your long-term goal into several short-term goals makes it more attainable.


Set goals that are realistic for you and your ability level. Ask yourself, “Do I have the self-motivation and dedication it takes to actually realize this?”  If you answer yes, you have likely set a realistic goal. If you’re honest with yourself and answer no, you may need to rethink or adjust the goal.


Set a realistic time frame in which you can achieve the goal you set for yourself. As long as you are consistent in your training, you can do it!





By following the SMART paradigm, reaching your goals is not only possible, but made easier. Let Athlete Training and Health help you reach your goals, and let’s get started today.




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