Anita Tello - Adult Fitness Testimonial

May 30, 2023

Member Highlight!

Learn about our Forever ATHlete member at ATH-Spring/Klein, Anita Tello.
Anita Tello testimonial, "I've lost 15 pounds. I've lost actually 20, but I gained weight back as I increased my muscle."
Anita has been a member in our adult fitness classes since 2018. She initially found us when her son's football coach recommended he do strength and conditioning with ATH after an injury.
Since training with ATH, Anita has hit (and exceeded) many of her fitness goals. Through her dedication to nutrition and exercise (and a lot of hard work), since training with ATH Anita has:
>> lost 20 pounds
>> decreased her life insurance by $1k

>> become stronger than her husband! 😂
>> made life-long friends

"My gratitude to ATH is more than I can ever describe in a few sentences. I've formed a lifestyle for my mental and physical health that provides me happiness, fulfillment, confidence and a longer, healthier life. I am always surprised and amazed when people say I want to be like you but I started from a beginner lifting light weights. I reassure them they can do it. I lost 15 lbs within the 6 months when I first started. I see results on myself every year and I notice my peers' results – it’s incredible to see and witness." - Anita Tello

Check out her full story below!


"My name is Anita Tello. I'm a Forever ATHlete here at ATH. I've been a member since June of 2018. My son suffered a serious knee injury in high school [from] football and they recommended ATH. He came in with his football team and they did some tests. I was approached by this staff member as he was working out, and they said, 'You know, we have adult fitness classes here at ATH that you could participate in while your son's working out.' And I was very interested since I had gained weight and they allowed me to look in on the class and I liked what I saw. You know, I had never strength trained and, they were like sweating and just you could see that they were getting a good workout.
My family, we don't have very healthy habits. And we all struggled with well, my parents struggled with diabetes and we just weren't very active growing up. I always was looking for quick fixes... and I needed the extra guidance.
I've lost 15 pounds. I've lost actually 20, but I gained weight back as I increased my muscle. And I've gotten stronger. I was able to get a cheaper life insurance. I've always had life insurance since I had my son. And it's a thousand dollars cheaper. You know, my health is even better than whenever I had him. I'm stronger, you know, I'm stronger than my husband. You know, I could do the glute bridges with 600 pounds...and it's just incredible.
Anita Tello, adult fitness testimonial, "I'd recommend ATH to anyone whether you're looking to get stronger or lose weight."
I love HIIT day. I love trying to beat my own records. I love deadlifts. I love deadlifts.
I think the staff is wonderful. They're always trying to help me. I always feel so special, like they'll recommend me to achieve a higher weight. And I, whenever I can do it, it's my win and their win. The coaches are always cheering for you. I always hear the coaches encouraging my peers and myself. They're like, 'Go Anita!' and it just makes me wanna try harder and it, and I won't give up. Uh, well, sometimes I will give up, but if it's too hard, cuz I do try to do stuff that's harder for me. But it's just, you gotta try.
I recommend ATH to anyone whether you're looking to get stronger or lose weight. It's just a wonderful, wonderful experience."

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