Ben Kuenhe - Testimonial

November 8, 2023

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Member Highlight!

Learn about our Forever ATHlete member at ATH-Allen, Ben Kuenhe!
 "Since coming to ATH, I feel better at 57 now than I did in my late 40s"  - Ben K.
"Since coming to ATH, I feel better at 57 now than I did in my late 40s"  - Ben K.
Ben initially joined ATH to get in better shape and alleviate pain from a pinched nerve in his vertebrae. Since training with us, Ben has:
>> lost over 20 pounds
>> lost 4% body fat (13 pounds)
>> lost 2.5 inches from his waist
>> felt stronger than he did in his 40s!
"I have set a goal going forward to drop my body fat percentage to under 20%. Once I achieve that we will see what challenge is next HAHA!"

Check out his full story below!
"My name is Ben Kuenhe, 57 years old. The reason I came to ATH is I have a pinched nerve in my C6 C7 vertebrae. I had a lot of pain in my arm, and numbness in my fingers, so my doctor gave me a cortisone shot and he said it's either operation or that. So I chose [the shot] – I'm not doing an operation. But then after doing some physical therapy, the therapist said to find a place that I could work on the muscles, to strengthen them, to increase my flexibility. So my research for finding a gym... required a place that had trainers that could help me. So that's how I came to find ATH.


I love it. Since starting at ATH, I've got my flexibility increased, my strength increased. Just my overall well-being is a lot better.
The best thing about ATH is you get a personal trainer for an hour. Even though you're not by yourself, they will change and adapt your program. If you have an injury they'll give you a different exercise and they work with everybody in the class. So it gives me motivation to have somebody pushing me and you know, I'm kind of a competitive person. So when they push you and say, well, you know, is that enough? Is that enough? Like, okay, I'm going to add more.
My favorite part is the coaches, the trainers. If you're on a fitness journey now by yourself and you have no coaches, come try ATH. I mean, I recommend ATH to everybody. Try to get anybody in here I talk to. My kids joke because they're like, 'They should put you on payroll,' you know, because I'm always like on them - 'You need to come to the gym with me.'
The coaches actually take an active role in understanding what's going on with you, where you're at at your physical level.
Since coming to ATH, I feel better at 57 now than I did in my late 40s."

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