CJ Wall - Next Level ATHlete Testimonial

September 27, 2021

Check out this review of our Next Level ATHlete training program from CJ Wall, Defensive Back for the Princeton Tigers. Good luck this season CJ! Thank you for trusting ATH with your training goals. 



What is your favorite part about training at ATH? 

My favorite part about training at ATH would have to be the facilities. ATH has some of the newest technology which has been awesome to add into my workout regimen.




Tell us about your experience with ATH.

I've had a great experience training with ATH so far. As soon as you walk in you're greeted by a happy ATH employee. Throughout the workout everyone at ATH is there to assist you in meeting your fitness goals. Whether it's answering questions about certain workouts, how they affect your body, or even if it's as simple as "can you spot me" – everyone at ATH is happy to help. 


How has ATH helped you with your fitness goals?

Before coming to ATH I actually hit a pretty big plateau in my training. I wasn't losing weight as fast as I had been the previous months which was very demoralizing. Coming to ATH really helped me get back on track with my goals and ever since I started I've been crushing them. 



What has changed in your life from training with us? 

One thing that has changed from training at ATH is that I just have a more energetic and happy day after workouts. I used to workout anywhere from 8-10pm at night on my own but since coming to ATH and waking up for 9am workouts it has really changed the way I go about my day. 


CJWall 2


What advice would you give someone starting their fitness journey?
To someone starting their fitness journey I have 2 pieces of advice. The first would be to stay consistent. It takes around 2 months to build a habit and once you make working out a habit it just gets easier and easier to get up, get out, and workout  on those days you are sore and tired. My second piece of advice would be to take a look at your diet. As you get older you can't put the same things in your body that you might have put in when you were a teenager. Diet is a HUGE part to any fitness goal and I am super happy that I learned that now. 



Is there anything else that ATH can do to help you reach your goals?

I don't think there is much else that ATH can do to help, I have really been pleased with what I have achieved so far and will definitely be back to continue to train/ recommend ATH to everyone I know.


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