Meet Athlete Training + Health Performance Coach Vince Hall

September 25, 2019

Vince Cropped Vince, where did you go to school or get your training?
I went to the University of Houston where I was a student athlete. This is where I got my first experience with real certified strength coaches and ever since, I fell in love with how performance training can help enhance your game from a mental and physical aspect!




What was your motivation in becoming a coach at ATH?
The atmosphere! Ever since I walked in for my first interview, I could tell this was a team environment and that everyone was on the same page when it came to training athletes. 


What is the biggest game changer you've had in your career?

The biggest game changer would have to be the reversed role I have taken with this career! Being on the other side of the spectrum helps because I can relate to the athletes as I’ve been there before and have them understand that all this training will pay off in the end when they’re hoisting that championship trophy on the air!


Can you recall a time you felt like you had made an impact on an athlete?

EVERY DAY! Whether it’s in the weight room, turf, or life, our job as performance coaches is to get better with every training session. If it’s only by 1%, that’s ok, we got better today. In my opinion, our biggest impact as performance coaches is not only in sports, but in everyday situations, where adapting and critical decision making puts you in the best position to be successful!


Tell us about a time you worked with an adult athlete who never trained as a sports athlete when they were younger?

It’s about getting to know the client! Build rapport to gain their trust and figure out what makes them tic. From an athletic point of view, the goal is to be the best on the field, court, etc. 


It’s no different for an everyday desk athlete! If we want to be the best surgeon, salesman, business owner – or whatever your career may be – we must mentally and physically challenge ourselves through exercise! How you respond when faced with adversity through training is more than likely how you will respond in life when your back is against the wall! 


Thank you to the talented Vince! Would you like to work with Vince? Click HERE to apply for our open positions.

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