Official Training Partner of the Houston Dynamo | Dash Youth Soccer Club

March 13, 2020


Athlete Training + Health (ATH) is the proud partner of the Houston Dynamo | Dash Youth Soccer Club who provide soccer-specific training and a proven pathway from beginner through to the collegiate and professional levels. As the official training provider, ATH trains Dynamo | Dash Youth teams weekly throughout the season. This is a key component of the club’s commitment to offer elite training programs confined not just to soccer, but inclusive of overall athletic development for players across multiple levels and locations. Our ATH-Katy facility, located inside the Memorial Hermann Sports Park, is the practice and training home of DDY players in West Houston. 


As part of ATH's training commitment, we also provide continuous performance testing for specific DDY groups. Performance data is used to assess the current state and training focus to ensure progressive improvements in physical performance. Testing includes:

  • Assessment of growth rate and movement competency to ensure proper foundations are laid to build strength, speed, and power – and minimize the risk of injury 
  • Strength, sprint, and jump testing to assess gains in foundational movements required for sports
  • Sports specific tests such as assessing an athlete's ability to change direction and acceleration in small spaces


To learn more about our Team ATHlete program, click here.

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