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Which is Better for Your Injury: Ice Therapy or Heat Therapy?

Courtesy of Texas Health Resources. See original blog here.     Hard as it is to admit, we humans are prone to injury, and the more active we are, the likelier we are to hurt ourselves at one point or...

Measuring an Athlete’s Jump Capabilities

Written by: Mark Pryer, Senior Applied Performance Coach   Key Points: Quantifying jump testing through force plates is a simple way to parse out metrics (such as Reactive Strength Index–or RSI) that ...

How Strength Training Methods Can Increase Throwing Speed for Baseball Players

Authors: Trey Job, Senior Director of Sports Science and Coach Development and Mark Pryer, Senior Applied Performance Coach    For baseball players, having a strong arm capable of throwing hard is a k...

Menthol: An athletic Performance Enhancing Cooling Method

Written by: Katie Kuhlmann MS – Dietetic Intern, University of Houston Edited by: Brett Singer MS,RD,CSSD,LD – Sports Dietitian, Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute   Key Points: If you...

How to Eat for Daily Exercise

Written by: By Monica Bearden, RD, LD, CSSD, Sports Dietitian, Houston Methodist   As we get ready to kick off our transformation Be Someone Challenge in May, we tapped into our nutrition partners to ...
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