Snow Day Workouts For Student ATHletes

February 1, 2023

Here are some workouts you can get in at home while you're snowed in! Below are two workouts for our Student ATHlete (ages 8-18). Stay warm ATHletes!


Student ATHlete At Home Workout #1:


RAMP (Warm Up):

  1. Jump rope/ Jumping Jacks - 3 x :30
  2. In place Quad Pull - x5ea 
  3. Hand walks to Push up - x6
  4. Forward Lunge w/ T-spine rotation - x 5ea 
  5. Worlds Greatest Stretch - x3ea
  6. Pogo in place - 15sec; 5 low, 5 medium, 5 high 



  1. Drop to Base - 1-2 x 3
  2. Pillow Jumps (height or distance) 3-4x 
    a. Line up 3-6 pillows down a hallway/ living room with various distances between. 1-2 rounds through jumping and resetting between pillows. 1-2 rounds through the pillows jumping through as fast as possible. 
    b. Challenge if it's simple, do it on a single leg 
  3. Pillow Stack Jumps 
    a. Stack as many pillows up as you are able to jump over. See who in your family (mom and dad included) can jump OVER more pillows. Cannot spread spreads legs around the pillows 


Speed Movements: 

  1. Single leg switches 3 x 4-8 switches in place 
    a. Start standing on one leg in a 3-bucket position (bucket of water on head, knee and toe). Start slow and smooth, switch which foot is up. As balances becomes better, switch a bit faster. 
    b. Think about staying tall, and strong through the stance leg and glute. 
  2. Pogo Switches 2 x 4-8 switches 
    a. Pogo in place on one leg, after 2-5 pogos take a fast switch of the down leg



Block 1: 3-4 rounds

  1. :30 squat - 3 reps 
    a. Squat down :15 to get to the bottom of the squat and :15 to get up
  2. Push up w/ pause - 5 reps 
    a. Start in the “up” position. Lower just a bit and hold for :05, lower to halfway hold for :05, lower to right above the ground and hold for :05. That's 1 rep 
    b. To make it easier, drop your knees, or put your hands on the edge of furniture. To make it more challenging, prop your feet up on furniture. 
  3. Partner Towel Curls - 8 reps 
    a. Grab your sibling from in front of the TV and tell them lets go. GAME TIME
    b. One person is going to pull, one person is going to slowly resist 
    c. Partner 1 is standing holding onto the middle of the towel with palms up. Partner 2 is kneeling and grabs onto the ends of the towel and tries to pull down. 

Block 2: 3-4 rounds of :30

  1. Glute Bridge March/ ISO hold
  2. Plank March - AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
    a. Low Plank to High Plank transition. Try to not let your hips wiggle. 
  3. Furniture Dips - AMRAP 
    a. Try and sit at the base of the furniture each rep


Student ATHlete At Home Workout #2:



  1. A Series x2 (March, Skip, Run) in place 12sec each How to do the "A-Series" | How To Run Faster | Speed Training - YouTube
  2. Line Hops (Linear/Lateral) 15sec each
  3. Single Leg Glute Bridge (8 reps ea. side) 
  4. Y’s and T’s (8 reps each) 
  5. Bird Dogs (12 total reps) focus on core stability Bird Dog - YouTube
  6. Push Up + Spiderman Stretch (12 total reps) do your push-up and flow right into a spiderman stretch Spiderman Stretch - YouTube
  7. Reverse Lunge w/ Rotation (12 total reps) 
  8. Pogo Series (Small, Medium, Big) 10 reps each
  9. Snapdown (from tall position) 4 reps
  10. Snapdown w/ Vertical Jump (4 reps) 


NOTE: Jump with a marker in hand on first rep so you have a marker to beat on following reps

  1. NCM Broad Jump (3 reps) start in loaded position with a 4sec count before jumping 
  2. CM Broad Jump (3 reps) start tall before loading and jumping in one motion


  1. Wall Drill 1 Count (5-6 reps) 2x each leg A-Wall Drill: 1 Count - YouTube
  2. Boom Booms (5-6 reps) 2x each leg Boom booms - YouTube 


A Block

  1. Single Leg Lunge Holds (4x30 sec. each leg)
  2. Squat Jumps (4x12 reps) 

B Block

  1. Elevated Push Ups (5 sec eccentric, 4x10) take 5 seconds to get chest to elevated surface before exploding up
  2. Feet Elevated Push Ups (2sec isometric hold at bottom, 4x10) hold 2 seconds at bottom of push up before exploding up

C Block: Ab Circuit (3-4 rounds, 30sec each exercise)

  1. Hollow Hold Hollow Hold - YouTube
  2. Flutter Kicks Flutter Kicks - YouTube
  3. V ups V Ups - YouTube

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